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Boost Your Email Open Rates By 533%

Ground Breaking New Software Grabs PRIMARY Email Addresses and REAL Names Of All Your Leads

After months of preparation, we’ve finally developed a game-changing software that can solve these problems and rescue email marketing once and for all.

Warlord Mobile Leads is a simple but powerful software that can actually reach into mobile users’ phones and tablets and magically grab their PRIMARY email address and real name.

Yes, you heard that right. You’ll be able to send your promotional emails DIRECTLY to a lead’s PRIMARY email inbox – the one they actually check regularly.  People are 3X more likely to open emails in their primary inbox.

But it doesn’t stop there: You see, since Warlord Mobile Leads Captures the actual name associated with the person’s email account, you’ll be able to personalize your promotional emails by putting their name in the subject line. Did you know that personalizing an email with an actual name can increase open rates by up to 29% and make your email marketing as much as 73% more profitable?

Now, with Warlord Mobile Leads, You’ll be able to leverage BOTH of these awesome factors together. You’ll be sending emails to people’s PRIMARY inboxes AND personalizing them!

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