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Getting your ideal prospect’s attention with a 100% success rate only takes one “NEW” type of Facebook message. That’s it…

And no, it’s nothing like the other messaging apps released before. So don’t worry about that.

The big brands have silently been making a killing off of this while everyone else has been in the the dark.

The problem is that before now you needed an expensive developer to code every single line of this new type of message.

It just wasn’t accessible to every marketer, unless you were willing to dump your hard-earned money.

Facebook just introduced a fantastic new ad format – ‘Messenger’. When you use this format along with ‘Clicks to website’ objective, anyone who clicks on your ad will get a personalized message right in their inbox.

That’s right. Anyone who CLICKS on your ad, gets a personalized message!

With ClickMSG technology, you can send anything, including coupons, images, sales pitches all in the same message. Not only that, you can even ask your prospect questions, and give them options or even conduct surveys. All from inside Facebook messenger!

Do you think there’s anyone who won’t be using this tech? That’s right. It’s going to be a part of every Ad on Facebook, and ClickMSG is what you need to get it right.

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