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StoryVideo Volume 1 is a set of 5 generic “commercial-style” videos for some of the most popular New Year’s Resolution niches, as well as niche reports with keyword data, products to promote, and niche insights. Included niches: Weight Loss for Women, Quit Smoking, Personal Finances, Improve Self-Esteem, and Yoga.

It’s no secret that video increases conversions in emails, ads, and landing pages.

And though most marketers know this…many are stuck because they don’t know how to create videos, or they are unhappy with the videos they buy from those $5 – $10 gig sites.

Look, if you’ve been having a hard time finding quality videos to use in your marketing efforts then ‘StoryVideo’ is exactly what you are looking for.

StoryVideo gives you ‘commercial style’ videos that enable you to quickly add video to your marketing efforts.

Volume 1 of StoryVideo is targeting some of the most popular New Year’s Resolution niches, such as:

– Lose Weight

– Spend less, Save More

– Enjoy Life to the Fullest

– Quit Smoking

– Staying Fit and Healthy

Target These New Year’s Resolution Niches Now.

You know what makes StoryVideo even better?

For each New Year’s Resolution niche, there is a niche report that helps you understand the niche, gives product source suggestions, and provides top keyword data for both Google and Amazon.

StoryVideo arms you with the knowledge and videos to profit with video ads, video ranking, and niche affiliate sites.

One last thing, StoryVideo is only available for 3 days and the price increases each day.

So, grab StoryVideo today while the price is at its lowest!

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