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You write sales copy and leverage copywriting techniques in most if not all of your content and on all of your website pages. Think about it, the standard headline is a collection of words designed to trigger a specific action, namely to motivate visitors to read your page or post. The ability to understand and write sales copy can result in significant business growth. Knowing how to measure and increase conversions can make all the difference.

Let’s start by talking about the importance of a high converting sales page and what it means to your business.

The Importance of a High Converting Sales Page

At the most fundamental level a high converting sales page means more sales. Right? There’s a difference in sales between a page that has 1000 visitors and converts 2% and a sales page that has 1000 visitors and converts 10%. In dollars and cents let’s say that you have 1000 visitors and 2% of them buy your $100 product.

Yes, we’re using round numbers to make the math easy. 2% of 1000 is 20. If you multiply that time your $100 product that’s $2,000 in sales. Let’s not jump right to 10% conversion rate just yet. Let’s say that you’ve taken strategic steps and increased your conversion rate to 5% (a very respectable conversion rate). Now you have 50 conversions or $5000 in sales.

You can probably do the math from there and figure out 6,7, and 10% conversion rates and sales. The point is that the same sales page (with a few tweaks) more than doubled your sales. It didn’t cost you any advertising fees, any affiliate fees, referral fees or other marketing dollars. You simply tweaked or fine-tuned some elements of your existing sales page and made more money.

So, the importance of a high converting sales page is this:

A well written sales page, one that motivates purchases, is an incredibly cost effective way to generate sales and income. The key elements of a sales page are essential and you’ll need to test, track, and tweak to increase conversions.

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