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You probably have a to-do list on your desk or phone with things that you need to get done in your business. And there’s no doubt about it…they have to get done one way or another (even the boring tasks like formatting your new report or uploading a video).


But as your business grows, something begins to shift. Unnoticeable at first. Easy to ignore and put off for later.


Until the day you’re forced to pay attention.


You hit send on the email for your new program, and then head out for the day. While you’re out, you get a message on your phone and realize that you forgot to hook the buy button up to your shopping cart. OMG! You won’t be be home for hours so you have no way to fix it. All those lost sales.


But if you had an assistant, you could have sent her a quick text and she could have fixed the problem and minimized lost sales. Or…it could have been avoided altogether if she had of set up the page and tested links before you even sent the email.


You’re so excited to be hosting a training call that will help you fill your coaching program. You have all your notes ready, and you spend the next hour teaching your audience. The words just flowed and it was the best call you’ve ever done. You sign off and get ready to send out the recording to your list since most of your people didn’t attend live. But there is no recording. OMG! You forgot to start the recording. All that work gone. All those potential sales on hold until you re-record.


But if you had an assistant, she could have started the recording for you AND recorded a backup copy using a tool like camtasia, and you wouldn’t have had to worry about a thing.


You’re watching the sales roll in for your new program. Everything seems to be going smoothly, so you’re ready to call it a day and take a much needed break. After all, you’ve been really busy lately creating your program, so now it’s family time. But wait…there’s a bunch of new emails in your inbox and they appear to be from customers. You open one up. OMG! The download link for your program is broken. More and more emails are coming in. So much for that break. You now have hours of additional work ahead of you. You have to figure out what’s going on with the download link, and fix it. Then send a broadcast email out to all your buyers letting them know it’s been fixed. And then you have to reply to everyone who emailed you to let them know it’s been fixed in case they don’t see the broadcast email (and so you don’t get any chargebacks).


But if you had an assistant, you never would have seen any of those emails. You would have logged off and enjoyed a relaxing day with your family, while she fixed the link and emailed your clients.


You see, at first your business is easily managed on your own. But then you get more clients, and you make more money, and it suddenly becomes too much for one person to handle.


And it usually takes a breakdown or something to blow up in your business before you finally do something about it.


Don’t make that mistake. Hire BEFORE you get too big. Hire BEFORE something breaks.

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