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Now let’s take a closer look at everything….

Report #1: Planning Your Offer Funnel

This report includes 4,206 words and will teach your readers how they can create offer funnels that will automate the process of gathering leads and bringing them through the buying cycle. Topics include:

– Different parts of the offer funnel explained

– Why it’s necessary to create an offer funnel

– Planning out your information product

– Conducting a content audit to identify and fill content gaps

– Examples of effective offer funnels

– Meeting the needs of your customers and pulling it all together

Lead-Generating Opt-In Page

To help you grow your list with this report, we’ve included the opt-in copy…and even created the WordPress-ready code for you. We even host the images for you! Just fill in the blanks with your own information, autoresponder opt-in code and you’re ready to roll.

Report #2: Affiliate Recruitment

This report includes 3,623 words and will teach your readers how they can recruit affiliates to help them sell their product offerings. Topics include:

– Why you need affiliates behind you

– How to find affiliates to help you sell your products

– Tips for creating enticing offers to attract affiliates

– Keeping your affiliates happy so they continue promoting

– Affiliate tools and software to assist with recruitment

Report #3: Planning Your Product Launch

This report includes 4,955 words/3 images and will show your readers how to plan a new product launch without the stress and overwhelm. Topics Include:

– Doing your research about your customers

– Identifying and building relationships

– Choosing the right marketing channels to focus on for your launch

– Steps to finalizing your product to ensure it’s ready

– Creating all the content and promotional materials for your launch

– Ensuring your technology is ready for a large influx of traffic

– Seeding the market to ensure your product will be successful

And more!

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