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You would have already heard about Top Quality Product Machine – Dr. Amit Pareek.

He is successfully Making More than A Million every year just from Internet Marketing by:

– Selling his own High Quality Products and

– Selling Affiliates Products through Email Marketing

And for Email Marketing he was using MailChimp but on a Day his account got banned and even after giving all the proofs and supporting documents that proves that he is doing legit Business the ban from the account was not removed.

Then he opted for Another Third-Party Autoresponder Service Provider viz. ConstantContact and again the history repeated that gave him loss of Thousands of Dollars.

But, he didn’t gave up and rather Committed himself for creating his Own Autoresponder on which he will have his Full Control.

Then he discussed with his Development Team of Experts and listed-out all the requirements and challenges and fixed them one-by-one that gives accurate and trackable results time and time again.

Using the same system for over 1 year he witnessed 30% increase in open and click through rates and overall, and thus increase in ROI by 30%.

But, that was not enough, he also thought of Solving this Problem and giving the same to Every Marketer who wants to Enjoy Huge Benefits and ROI from Email Marketing as facts shows For every $1 spent on Email Marketing, the average return is $44.25!

So, he and his team Converted their in-house Email Marketing Software into Completely User-Friendly to make it World’s No.1 & Most Powerful Email Marketing Client Software “MailZingo” and now after Complete Testing and Fixing all nuts-n-bolts he is making it available for you at a damn cheap price but only for Limited Time.

You don’t need to get into deep hassles, its completely Done-For-You, All you have to do is Simply Integrate your or Third-Party Service Providers SMTP and Have Full Control Over Your Self-Hosted Autoresponder!

Stay Tuned for Dr. Amit’s latest creation “MailZingo” that he’s going to release now.

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