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Heck you don’t even need to use Photoshop, the “picture editing” and believe me we feel a fraud even calling it that was done on a program that is over 12 years old and done on an eight years old laptop. As you can see it doesn’t take any skill or special equipment to do this!

Immediate access to all our bonuses and other resources to get you started straight away. It took us years to master these skill and you get to learn from all of our experience and knowledge as part of our comprehensive training.

Exactly how to research the Kindle marketplace to find HOT niches for your books.

These Kindle templates will make your book look great on a whole range of Kindle readers including the Fire HD.

A complete set of training videos for Gimp, Pic Monkey and that show you how to take a good image and produce a great illustration for your own books.

Watch how to list your books and how to use Amazon’s own tools, book websites and Facebook groups to promote your book. Learn the most effective ways of of making sales of your other books.

It was a sit up and take notice moment, you see there was a massive market for very simple Illustrated eBooks that were not only easy to produce but also looked amazing. Amazon made it super simple for anyone to produce quality books by providing all the guidance and tools necessary to produce quality books first time every time.

BUT we don’t stop there, we go even further by showing you the very simple ways of producing books for other niches on Amazon. We will show you the exact sources that you can use to find an endless supply of images that you can use for your books.

Watch over the shoulder video training where we produce an illustrated Kindle book with nothing more than a camera phone. Then we show you how to use readily available Public Domain (PD) content to produce your unique own range of illustrated books.

You don’t even need to be a great or even good writer, heard the expression “A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words” well you will only need to write a few words as the pictures tell the story for you. Everything from children’s books, to motivational quote books to themed illustrations. There are just so many niches to exploit. We even show you how to produce a book with content taken with a Camera Phone!

Did you know that there are more digital books now sold on Kindle, and other eReading devices than are sold as traditional print books? Just a few years ago this opened up amazing opportunities for the home publisher or author to provide content for this new medium. This was and remains a ravenous buyers market.

Access To Our Exclusive Facebook Group, a vibrant group of  entrepreneurs who share tips and ideas on profiting from one of the biggest markets in world.

Access to all the techniques that we have developed in producing our own illustrated books for the Kindle marketplace.

Watch over the shoulder as we produce compile and list an Illustrated eBook on Amazon Kindle using our exclusive templates, you will be amazed at exactly how quick this can be done. not only do we provide the video training but also all the resources that you will need to help you succeed. The best part of this they are all FREE!

It was very simple in the beginning; it was easy to sell sub standard publications on Kindle. But a few years ago there was a change, eBooks came of age and the quality of the books sold on Kindle (and elsewhere) improved enormously. The biggest change was Amazon were now offering quality Illustrated Ebooks and the sales went into the stratosphere and remain there today…

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