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Wanna know my favorite feeling in the world?

(Grow up, Steve, you’re better than that.)

Landing a new client.

And the worst feeling? Letting a potential dream client slip through my fingers because my onboarding process was too slow and sloppy.

Sound familiar?

It’s ok to say ‘yes’, we aren’t here to judge. (Unless you wear baggy cargo shorts, then we will judge you.)

But have no fear, because MyDocSafe is going to change all that for you.

Lifetime Access to MyDocSafe

No pen? No problem. Get that John Hancock anyway.

MyDocSafe is a front-office software suite that simplifies the document approval and signing process for users and companies.

MyDocSafe allows you to send documents for signing and then store the signed version with tracking info as a PDF.

Once documents are signed, all documents are automatically organized and stored in easily searchable and accessible folders.

MyDocSafe helps you:

Create a more efficient client onboarding process. This includes form filling, file upload, and contract signing. (Build forms in seconds!)

Generate more revenue. Don’t let a potential client slip through your hands because it took you days instead of minutes to get them onboarded.

Improve the customer experience. Add forms to your home page for an easy and secure way to engage with prospects.

Save time. The automated document filing saves time for all of the parties involved (customer, you, the mailman).

Lifetime Access to MyDocSafe

Clients will breeze through these simple forms.

As it stands, MyDocSafe currently offers some of the best pricing in the market.

The Professional Plan, which costs $216 per year, includes:

Up to 300 signatures per month

3 users

Unlimited secure e-forms

10 GB of storage, no limit on number of documents

Workflow orchestration engine and 10 workflows

And much more!

Despite MyDocSafe offering its services at an already low price, we bamboozled MyDocSafe into giving you a ridiculous deal.

Right now you have the chance to purchase lifetime access to MyDocSafe for only $39!

Where is this chance?

Right here:

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