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Running out of storage?

Store all of your files on every device without taking up space

Not too long ago, I was forced to make an incredibly difficult decision.

You see, my smartphone’s storage was almost full and it was time for me to free up space.

So, there I was, deciding whether to keep get rid of videos from a recent vacation with my girlfriend or videos from a flag football tournament.

And, well, sorry, love.

Fortunately, you won’t have to make decisions like this (or sleep on the couch).

Introducing pCloud.

pCloud is a comprehensive, easy-to-use cloud storage solution for individuals and businesses.

This storage solution lets you save all of your files (photos, videos, documents, and music) in one place.

pCloud makes your life easier by allowing you to access files from any device.

Computer, phone, or tablet, it don’t matter. All of your content will always be at your fingertips.

This storage saver ain’t just for personal use. (Although, we don’t blame you if you want to hog all of the fun.)

Because pCloud gives users the ability to send access links to files, team members can collaborate on anything, anywhere

f you think the magic ends with being able to access your files anywhere, you’re wrong.

Get this…pCloud can instantly synchronize all of your files through its pCloud desktop application, pCloud Drive.

Instantly synchronize all of my files?

Yep! Once you’ve installed pCloud Drive, every time you upload a file it will automatically sync across all of your devices.

So what is on your computer will be exactly what is on your smartphone and tablet! (Take a moment to appreciate how helpful this is.)

You can also choose to only sync certain files with select devices.

What are some other fun things I can do with pCloud?

You can listen to your music playlists on the go…

You can re-watch your favorite HD videos…

And you preview your entire photo backup collection.

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