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Take advantage of the limited-time only SociClicks discount code above and save yourself 17% off your subscription of SociClicks by Daniel Adetunji.

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Right inside your dashboard is access to a complete set of training videos on how to use the software for the best possible results.

Step by step and easy to follow for anyone, regardless of experience. Plus our friendly support desk is on hand to answer any questions you may have.

There are some tools that’ll help you create clickable images for certain social networks. But with recent updates, many of these are now obsolete.

SociClicks is the most up-to-date, all-inclusive solution to creating and posting clickable image links on 5 of the world’s most popular social media sites.

So someone is interested in your post, and is obviously clicking for more info. What do they get?

Just a Bigger picture of the original image.

Which helps NO ONE. Not the user looking to possibly buy …

And DEFINITELY not you.

Users aren’t drawn to the description, they’re attracted to the picture.

This detailed course walks you through how to create and manage a Facebook group from the perspective of beginner. You will also learn how to promote Facebook groups once they have been created. And so much more!

My very first experience with Sociclicks…the very first time I used it was very exciting for me. Knowing that I could just put up a graphic with instructions for people to tap the image and I’d have a visual campaign launched in a short time is a very powerful thing.

Always on access means you can set up and monitor campaigns from anywhere, from any device

OR … if you have a Youzign account, you can EASILY import any of your Youzign designs directly to SociClicks. Just connect your account once and you can grab any / all of your designs without having to login to YouZign.

Let’s say you’re promoting smart phones. Like a smart marketer, you use image posts on social media.

Here’s what normally happens when someone clicks on your image post:

Links on social media are tricky business.

You can include a link with a post on Facebook once, and get the usual reach.

Click on the SociClicks site link shown above to get more information on this product…

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