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“ShopABot let me set-up my store within minutes and was automatically updated in real time so what you see on Amazon is also instantly in my store! “

Honestly the best and only Amazon Store software that automates product research, Store creation and Traffic technology all combined in one cloudbased platform.

“I was loaded with amazing information from the bonuses, set up with a fantastic store and energized by how easy and effective it was to follow the simple 3 step profit formula. I’m also amazed at the level of commitment Cindy puts into responding to the community members.”

Complete with ALL products, deals and discounts available in ANY Amazon region.

But before I reveal how little I’m charging for this unique & proven solution for generating Amazon commissions on demand.

Cindy here, and… Gosh! do I ever understand where you’re coming from!

Even when I got stuff running, traffic was always the problem and without traffic you get zero sales.

I want to give you everything you need. In fact, I’m even going to sweeten the deal and make this a complete no-brainer for you!

“I now have a working Amazon store, with every single product in Amazon in there.  It’s like having my own complete Amazon.com store that earns me money on every click!”

This Might Seem Like It’s Too Good To Be True.

Other stores will import products from Amazon and then leave it at that. This means that your store would quickly be filled with broken links, expired offers and wrong prices – all stuff that is sure to send your customers packing.

I want to let you know that that I am on your side and that I am 100% committed to helping you become successful.

I Don’t Know Any Successful Amazon Affiliate

Who Didn’t Experience Their Fair Share of

Failure & Frustration Before Finally “Getting It”!

Guarantees like that don’t come along every day… Neither do opportunities like this…

With this cloud based software you’ve got everything you need right out of the box. You’ll get:

– 1-click Amazon store in moments (pick a name and it’s yours)

– It’s all hosted for you (for free), no domain or anything extra to buy

– Instantly have ALL products from Amazon, updated automatically

This software tackles one of the biggest issues facing affiliate marketers.

Finding traffic…

And does this seamlessly.

ShopABot finds products that are going viral.

You’ll be able to discover which products are getting the most viral shares, being talked about about on social media

Or.. even being added to people’s wishlists!

And then gives you the ability to create giveaways and contests that automatically run, to get more likes, shares and viral traffic to your store

Click on the Shopabot site link shown above for details about this product…

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