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We’ve just added this month’s content to our Self-Help Membership and we thought we’d take the chance to let you know what we’ve been up to. The topic is Practicing Patience and pretty much everyone I know, especially me, could benefit from what’s inside.

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Imagine how quickly you could grow engagement and increase your reach if you were able to share targeted content on a particular self-help topic for 30 Days each month… even better, what if it was easy to follow up with your audience via email to make sure they don’t miss a thing. That’s exactly what our Self-Help Content Plan can do for you.

You’ll Instantly Receive 30 Days of “Done-For-You” Content About:

Practicing Patience

Here’s a quick glance of the 30 titles we have for you inside:

– Welcome And How Patient Are You?

– What Exactly Is Patience?

– The Importance Of Becoming A More Patient Person

– Patience Is A Skill – Practice Helps

– Quick Patience Tip – Count To Ten

– Patience Is A Virtue! Or Is It?

– 5 Signs That You’re An Impatient Person

– Get In The Habit Of Realizing When Patience Is In Order

– Reflect On When You’ve Been Too Impatient

– Times To Be Patient vs. Times To Act

– Quick Patience Tip – Take A Breath

– Using Visualization Exercises To Help With Patience

– 3 Things You Must Do After An Impatient Outburst

– The Physical Side Of Impatience

– Being Stressed Will Keep You From Tapping Into Your Patient Side

– Create Awareness About Losing Your Patience

– Pinpoint What’s Causing You To Lose Your Cool

– Give Yourself A Time Out To Recoup Your Patience

– Work Towards Becoming More Patient One Trigger At A Time

– The Power of Re-Visualizing To Become More Patient

– Find An Outlet For Frustrations

– Meditate Your Way To Patience

– Why Do You Feel Rushed?

– Build Buffers Into Your Daily Schedule To Make Time For Patience

– How Gratitude & Thankfulness Can Make You More Patient

– The Dangers Of Instant Gratification & The Power Of Anticipation

– Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

– It’s Ok To Fake Patience Until You Feel It

– Patience Is A Choice

– Reflect On How Far You’ve Come And Where To Go From Here

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