“Auto-hide any negativity on your Facebook ads and posts.”

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Description : You’ve built a pristine reputation for your company…and it’s about to be tanked by a basement dweller with dusty Dorito fingers and a keyboard.

The internet is this generation’s version of the Wild, Wild, West—especially when it comes to nasty comments.

Fortunately, there’s a new sheriff in town: Sour Grapes.

Sour Grapes is a Facebook comment moderator that auto-hides negative comments in real-time, helping you increase RoAS, page engagement, and brand equity.

Automatically scan Facebook comments on your page posts and ads, and hide any negative comments — increase RoAS, page engagement, and brand equity.

Sentiment analysis weeds out the bad comments from the good by scanning for blacklisted keywords, both preset and custom.

Track hidden comments, post links, and view analytics data all from a simple dashboard.

Best for: E-commerce brands, SaaS offerings, restaurants, and anyone with a brand to protect.

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