“Slack’s Secret Sauce: A behind-the-scenes look at Slack’s multi-million dollar marketing strategy!”

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Description : It’s hard to imagine work without Slack.

But four years ago, Slack was just an internal tool for a small operation.

So how did it grow to over 4 million active daily users?

Well, our sister company, Sumo.com, conducted the research and uncovered the answers so you can replicate their success.

And this growth study is available to you for free!

– Learn how Slack skyrocketed from humble beginnings to industry leader
– Master your social media with strategies for each platform, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Medium
– Get the 4-step word-of-mouth marketing hack that generated 8,000 new customers in 1 day
– Best for: Businesses looking for ideas to scale their marketing from an industry leader

The Sumo team went where few have before to offer a look at the marketing tactics that made Slack a billion dollar company.

No question: Slack is the fastest growing SaaS company of all time.

And they accomplished that without a million-dollar marketing plan, fancy email strategy, or outbound sales team.

Heck, it wasn’t until recently that Slack hired salespeople, and not until they were a billion-dollar company that they brought on a CMO.

Most of their initial growth was thanks to word-of-mouth marketing, which remains their highest priority to this day.

Sumo.com’s study breaks down how to tap into your networks and generate buzz around your product with a four-step launch formula. (Even without founder Stewart Butterfield’s contact list.)

In addition to word-of-mouth, this study explores SEO and paid marketing strategies that launched the fastest growing SaaS company into our businesses and hearts.

Here are just a few of the hot tips coming at you in this report:

– Rank For Competitive Short Tail Keywords With This Category Leader Business Review Strategy
– The “Sticky” App Directory SEO Ranking Strategy That Works Without Content Marketing
– The PPC Traffic Funnel Based On 3 Core Keywords You Can Swipe And Deploy In Minutes

With 100k monthly visitors, Slack’s landing pages must be doing something right.

Learn how they use eight sections consisting of short and sweet copy, graphics, and white space to convert organic and paid traffic into loyal customers.

And Slack’s homepage isn’t their only site surging with traffic.

This study investigates how Slack’s first-ever Medium post was shared more than a thousand times and how you can master your own Medium publication with four types of posts!

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