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Then how about get creating a paid course that will help them make their websites more profitable.

Here’s how…

First, Get the Map Out Your Client Getting Planner.

Next, use the planner yourself to go through all of your website pages, while documenting your process along the way.

Make a note of any particularly challenging areas, problems you had and how you solved them, tools you invested in, etc.

Then you can either:

1) Put your notes in order and record a video all about your findings, then package it up with a PDF version of planner, add in some checklists, and sell it as a case study that you can sell to your clients for $97 or more!

2) Run this as a paid challenge with a Facebook group. You can break up the challenge into 8 days (one for each step in the planner), and do a Facebook live teaching your audience about that step, and then have them go through that particular step in their planner.

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