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Description : Saving money is a goal for many of us. Unfortunately, it can be a difficult one to consistently achieve. Old spending habits are hard to break.

Sometimes you may wonder where all the cash even went.

One way to get a handle on your finances and to create new habits is to embark on a no-spend challenge.

The basic concept is just as the name suggests. For a period of time, you’ll only spend money on necessities.

What you can gain from this experience might surprise you.

Getting back on track after a large purchase or vacation is a common motivation.

Maybe you want to save money so you can make a large dent in a particular bill such as student loan debt or a large credit card balance.

Another reason may be to create better habits and to become more aware of your own spending.

Whatever the reasons, you’ ll get a sense of your financial habits and learn new ways to curb excess spending.

This challenge forces you to consider every penny you spend and shows that you can live without much of what you once took for granted.

This pack is perfect if your audience is families (young or old), young people just starting out in their financial lives, people getting ready to retire or anyone that needs to get a handle on their money management skills.

Inform your readers about the different ways they can take charge of their lives.

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