“Imagine getting paid each month on a regular basis. How awesome would it be to have income you could rely on, each and every month? That’s exactly what recurring income can offer you!”

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With it, you can confidently help your clients create their own recurring income plan, in as little as one weekend! What a blessing for them to have a CONSISTENT income stream that will come in month after month, so they aren’t starting each month with a big $0.

Yes. Our new Map Out Your Recurring Revenue Plan in a Weekend planner will give you everything you need to teach your audience and clients how to map out a way for them to earn recurring revenue in as little as one weekend!

Use this planner one on one with your high level clients. Create a FB challenge around it.

Use it in your group coaching programs or even at your live retreats.

It’s ready and waiting for you.

With this done-for-you planner, you will be there to help your audience to get past their overwhelm and create a plan that works!!!

With This 25 Page Planner, You’ll Guide Them Through All Of This:

Step 1: Shoot for the Stars with an Audacious Earnings Goal
Exercise: Plan your audacious money goal.
Exercise: Brainstorm ways to shift your mindset into a GROWTH mindset.

Step 2: Research Formats That Will Rake in Revenue Forever
Exercise: Make a pro/con list for each format that intrigues you.
Exercise: Research which formats your competitors use.

Step 3: How Will This Supercharge Your Other Offerings?
Exercise: Take an inventory of all your current offers with their price points.

Step 4: Ask Your Tribe: Is This a Perfect Fit For You?
Exercise: Conduct some market research. Which format of recurring income would your market prefer?

Step 5: Knuckle Down and Set Your Budget
Exercise: Work your budget backwards to determine your possible ROI and expenses for each recurring revenue model.

Step 6: Get Pumped By Charting Your Timeline
Exercise: Tweak your production timeline, working backwards from the launch date.
Exercise: Keep a tally of your current affiliate marketing programs that you promote, along with your unique affiliate link.

Step 7: Dig Into the Details By Outlining Your Content
Exercise: Choose one form of recurring income and outline the content you need to produce, including marketing content.

Step 8: Get Support From the Pros
Exercise: Create a list of trusted contractors, including their specialty skill and contact info. Collect referrals from others in your networking circle.

Step 9: Prepare For Liftoff!
Exercise: List your favorite people who you can invite to be beta testers. Write down what they should check and how to give you feedback (email, survey, zoom chat, etc.)

Your clients will LOVE having this planner they can download or print off.

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