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Description : It is estimated that 37% of Americans attended church on a weekly basis. There are roughly 37 million churches in the world.

Take our full commercial use Church Events Planner and target this huge market of Church lovers.

This Chruch Events Planner contains 245 pages in an 8×10 PowerPoint document.

You have full commercial use on the planner i.e. you can re-brand it as your own and publish with your author name.

If you are planning on publishing on Amazon, remember to change the covers so that you do not get duplicate books on Amazon.

Created with pastel beige and blues, the document includes the following pages:

– Title Page
– Events Schedule
– List of Events
– Teams
– Regular Events and Special events
– Other Contacts
– General Information
– Action Page
– Event Team Meeting and Agenda
– Event Team Meeting Minutes
– Income and Expenses Record
– Review
– Event Plan for:

Modify the pages by changing fonts, adding new pages, and adding additional images.

Within 10 minutes you can have a brand new planner ready for publication on KDP, a spiral-bound POD printer of your choice or convert it into a pdf and sell it on your website or a site like Etsy.

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