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At MGYB, we always want to maximize two things:

Your site’s SEO
The amount of time you can spend on all things non-SEO

So let’s keep that theme going!

Today, we’re talking link building.

Just like anything else in life, there is the right way to do things…and then there is the sketchy, not-so-right way. Now we’re not here to rustle any black hatters’ feathers, but there is a reality you will have to face when trying certain methods to rank in Google.

Times have changed, and so has what Google deems acceptable in link building. You need to be aware of how your backlinks are positioned and where they come from. The mighty Google is all too eager to slap your digital wrists for violating their webmaster guidelines.

Ok, so how do I stay Google-compliant while boosting my traffic and rankings?

Great question. And the answer is easy: a tiered linking structure. You pick just about ANY link as your first tier, and that points at you. Then you get other (legitimate!) websites to point to your first link.

Easy peasy, right?

Sure! It only took experts thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to get the perfect tiered linking structure down!

But we’re glad we did. And you’ll be glad as well when you see what MGYB’s Link Building can do for your online visibility. You don’t have to spend COUNTLESS hours creating quality backlinks (and the quality content) that are the components of best practice SEO today.

Countdown Timer

As we said, there was a huge learning curve to this. The results have been well worth it. MGYB’s Link Building packs some serious SEO punch. And it’s now at your disposal.

Take a look for yourself here. The implications for any website owner, digital marketer, or SEO pro are super-exciting. Get back to taking care of what YOU do best. We’ll help bring the audience your way.

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