“There Has Never Been A Better Time To Be A Hero Than Now!”

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Description : Can you bring an open mind?

Can you devote about a half an hour a day for one week straight?

If so, I’ll empower you to UNITE and connect with others in a way that is spiritually fulfilling, emotionally fulfilling… and… if you wish it to be…

Financially fulfilling.

12 years. That’s what I spent sharpening the axes.

These axes are what I’ll hand over to you. You will use them to chop down the trees of despair, disconnection and dissonance.

Together we will uplift. Together we will unite those most in need. Together we will help those abandoned, those who’ve lost hope and those that… if you can form a connection…

Have the greatest potential to make the world better.

A better world for you, for me, for our children and for our children’s children.

I am inviting you to partake in the first of its kind, what I call…

The UNITE Challenge.

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