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Examples of things you can track are: Daily exercise, water intake, meditation, study time, content creation time, etc.…

At the beginning of each month, set your intention and decide what you’ll focus on as “what you think about, you bring about.”

Your monthly habit trackers are circular in shape and are adorned with attractive mandala images. Each tracker includes numbered columns as well as multiple rows. You’ll be able to customize your tracker as you decide what you’ll be tracking. Each day, check off or color in the section corresponding to the habit you’re tracking and the day of the month.

Your habit trackers are designed to help you develop healthy habits over time. They say it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. By tracking areas of your life over the course of each month, you’ll develop new habits and even increase your health and well-being.

Save Time and Effort as You Create Journals for Your Audience.

You Receive a Generous Commercial Use License with Your Purchase

This will provide you with a visual accountability partner as you track your way to success and dreams come true.

You can print off these habit trackers and clip them to a clipboard or put them in a folder or notebook. You can also place them inside of your current journal or bullet journal.

Register Now and Get Instant Access to the Monthly Habit Tracker Journal

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