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Blogging remains one of the most absolute best and most effective ways to get traffic, make sales… and for anyone to start making money online. There is a reason why so many products and course tell you to use blogging in your marketing.

Niche blogging is even better… it can be very easy and extremely rewarding to go after that long tail keyword and set up a winning blog, that will keep earning a passive income for years.

However, there are a few things all these course forget to tell you…


Not every niche blog you set up will be successful… far from it! You can increase the odds with good research, but at the core it’s still a numbers game… you need to create a bunch of blogs, in order to find the winners.

Most people run into the same problems and I’m sure you will recognize these too:

Keyword research has gotten really hard. Most of the great free tools of old have disappeared. It seems like the only good keyword tools now are either horrendously expensive or super complicated.

Setting up a niche blog (let alone 10) takes a lot of time. You need to do your research, installs, set up. It can be really frustrating to spend all this time and see zero results from it.

Of course you also need to write a bunch of blog posts to get your blogs running and to keep them fresh. Try keeping 10 niche blogs updated and you’ll quickly run out of time and money.

It’s really no wonder that most aspiring niche bloggers give up before they even have their first blog up and running… and that’s a real shame because there really are a lot of easy to pick, low hanging fruit, just waiting for you to harvest the profit… you just need the right tools!

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