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Description : Simply upload your video. Choose the template. Place the text. You can then use the timeline editor which allows you to place Gifs, Emojis, shapes, images, or any texts to appear at any particular point in the video.

Preview it – when it looks awesome click render. You can also add automated caption, and render again.

It’s as simple as point and click.

You aren’t limited to a certain number of videos. You have the opportunity to create as many videos as your heart desires for one incredibly low price.

Instead of just adding videos from your computer you can now import your videos from multiple sources.

Your Covrr Studio Dashboard will look like this..

You’ve seen the biggest names in marketing use these, and you can add the exact same features to your videos.

This has been proven to dramatically improve conversion rates.

One thing we know is the hyper engaging, profit pulling videos created by Covrr Studio are going to convert, and they will catch the eye of your prospects wanting to know how to use the same type of videos in their business.

They know their customers will love these types of videos as much as they do, and that they will convert.

You know they are already pre-sold.

Now, you just need a way to get your videos in front of the customers, and we’re going to show you exactly how to do just that. 😃

Now imagine for a moment if you could create videos that could bring in results like this and grow your list, help you achieve any goal that you have or even help your clients achieve their business goals! How easily it will help your business to take off?

But for that to happen, You need to have videos that can captivate your prospects, grab and hold their attention, keep them engaged, and drive them to take action.

This becomes more difficult every single day as the market place becomes more crowded and people are more distracted all the time.

We’ve solved that

In fact, you can take any ordinary, boring video and transform it into a highly engaging, profit pulling video in just minutes with a few clicks of your mouse.

All this effortlessly by swiping the formula of Top Marketers & influencers!


You can add customizations to add personality, callouts, or to help add emphasis to your message.

Timeline editor to add elements at any point in your video! (First to Market)

You already know the perks of having your own dedicated marketplace to sell your services. You can create an exclusive marketplace inside MarketPresso to sell Covrr Studio Services without any competition and without having to pay commissions to any middleman. Be it Wrapper service, Captioning service or video repurposing service, you can be your own boss by listing your services inside your dedicated marketplace in Marketpresso!

You’ve seen top brands like these all over raking in huge profits from social media..

Until now you had to have a team to help you create and curate your content to look like a seasoned pro, or you had to be a video expert.

The good news is with Covrr Studio that is no longer the case – you can make videos like this in minutes..

…and, clients are willing to pay handsome fees to get this done.

Just look at how the top influencers are using these and then look at smaller influences who aren’t there yet..

We give you access to MILLIONS of Stock Footages and Stock Images you can use. This alone makes it worth the price!

Simply reach out to the local restaurants, salons, dentists, gyms, etc & show them sample videos from your portfolio, and ask them if they have a video you can optimize as an example.

Once they see the difference not only in how it looks, but in how it performs this is a great way to not only get video clients, but to sell them more of your marketing services so you can land clients that bring in long term cash flow.

It’s the perfect foot in the door to sell them more of your services!

High quality video is essential, and when you export your video you can in HD of up to 4K so your clients will know that you are at the top of your game.

Both of these sites are flooded with business owners that need video marketing help. Simply list your service, build a small portfolio of examples, and have orders coming in.

Plus, these are easy to fulfill as the Covrr app handles all the ‘work’ for you, so you can turn projects around in minutes, and get paid!

But, the challenge is most marketers get this wrong, and they are left with an audience that just doesn’t care.

Rahul, originally, had a similar problem.

When he was running “traditional ads” – he got “traditional” results, and was left confused.

When he made the one switch to creating “Covrr Studio” style videos..

It created a MASSIVE shift in his business and he went on to become a 8 figures International Business Coach!

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