“Breakthough Technology Creates ‘Starbucks-Like’ Smartphone Loyalty Rewards Programs & Gift Card Systems!”

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Description : Your small business client can integrate their PayPal, Stripe, or RazorPay ID to sell the gift cards right on their website or in their store. They collect the money and can issue refunds adding another revenue stream to their business.

Do you want your client’s videos to rank in both YouTube and Google FAST without waiting for months for backlinks to take effect? Use this new strategy to do so.

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With your own loyalty and gift card agency, you can give small businesses the lifeline they need in this crisis…

Other SaaS products are geared toward large businesses like Starbucks, which mom and pop stores can’t afford. Rewardsly is affordable, simple and even more powerful.

Pinecrest Bakery , a local cafe in Miami, was strapped for resources and needed to increase revenue. They implemented a loyalty program and increased revenue by $67,160 with 1500 loyalty customers captured.

Want to offer them something they ALREADY UNDERSTAND and DESPERATELY NEED to stay open during the pandemic?

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– Automatically send the email addresses of customers the rewards program technology captured to any autoresponder you own to remarket to them.

39% of loyal customers will spend more on a product, even if there are other less-expensive options available – Yotpo

Create rewards for specific products in your store. For example, get 20 points and redeem for a free coffee, get 30 points and redeem for a free lunch at our store.

Our video resources and tutorials make you an expert within minutes. Our team of wizards will always be at your service to guide you and answer any queries that you may have.

Assign loyalty points a customer will get buying a product at the store and how many points each reward is worth. You can even customize the reward image with DFY beautiful templates to showcase in the client’s mobile rewards membership and more.

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Create multiple tiers of gift cards for any store. Just like Apple has $25, $50, and $100 gift cards for sale, you can create multiple gift cards for different amounts inside Rewardsly.

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